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Notsugomo folded his letter in two places, ensuring each crease was straight across the paper, and placed it inside a book on his desk. As the nights grew colder on the Arigion Plains, he missed the warmth of his bed at home. His wife always awaiting him with a smile. While he lay in bed staring at the light flapping tent top thinking of how when he was younger Yaton would crawl in bed with them, he could not help but grin. He rolled to his side and pulled his thick blanket tightly around his body. And as he slowly drifted out of conciseness he could see their smiling faces, and Kai laughing as Yaton tickled him in their mothers arms.

            Notsugomo woke in a panic, not quite sure of why at first. However he began to process all that had happened as he hustled to strap on his leather armor. Emerald Dragoon Knight Commander Arisha had burst into his tent, yelled at him and left so fast he could not fully understand what was said until he was already clasping his armor. "They need you at the North Plains Pass General! Now!". There had been talk of a planned attack on the pass but Notsugomo had paid it no mind. 'Foolish! I should have been prepared!' He cursed himself, as he stormed out of his tent, a light buckler on his left arm and a scimitar in his right. He didn't bother with taking a sheath, he doubted he would have time for it. His horse, Jasmine, was already fitted with a saddle and on it his bow and a quiver stocked full of arrows. His men were the best in any situation, and it was things like this that reminded him of that. He mounted his horse, and clapped her reigns against her neck, and with no sound at all she bound in the direction he was tugging her.
            The pass was a massacre, men from both sides lay dead or dying all over the warm wet soil. The sun just then barely draping the scene with a curtain orange light, from above the mountain ridges. Men were still screaming, as their swords clash and bodies drop to the soil. Before he could think of a clear plan of action, Jasmine wailed and fell to the ground, almost breaking Notsugomo's leg in the process. A simple man, with a crude spear stabbed her deep in the left shank. His mind scrambled as he leapt to his feet and gutted the man in one seamless motion. After that there was no plan, just survival. He could see men's faces and clothes. He recognized none but knew who was friend and who was foe. His blade was steaming with warm blood in the dewy morning air. His face and hands covered with the crimson life of his enemies. One managed a glancing blow to his arm, but did not live long enough to make another cut. His curved blade made for effective kills against such lightly armored foes. As he slowed his momentum he could see more clearly around him, still a few men fighting, some without even holding a weapon.
            Jasmine! He remembered his injured horse and began to look for her in panicked glances. His breath still heavy and hot in the cool air. Then he felt it, a cold piercing feeling, unlike any pain he had ever felt. He dropped his sword and reached for his back, but the knife was buried deep and close to the spine. His finger tips began to grow numb as he felt a deathly chill coursing through his veins. 'Poison… On the battle field?' As Notsugomo's body began to shut down he turned to see his assailant. Though his vision was blurring there was no mistake, the uniform was orange and brown, like so many others on the battle field that day. Colors of the Iron Boar Brigade, his countrymen, his brothers. Notsugomo did not fight the poison, he knew that would only make it work faster. Instead he lay on the warm ground, and as he closed his eyes for the last time he saw again the faces of his wife and sons. He smiled slightly as he slipped away into the darkness.


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Jeremy C. Koon
United States
I have no writing experience other than sitting at home and putting on paper/screen what goes on in my head! I have no special degree and on particular training! I have read a few books however not as many as I would like! I will be posting a lot of my own work on here to get feedback and hopefully, maybe, luckily, catch the eye of someone in the writing biz looking for fresh meat! =P

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